Precision Haircutting


The principles of cutting hair are straightforward, although they’re surprisingly poorly understood. Haircutting A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting is unique because it shows and tells you much more than any dvd can. This book is the only source of information that fully explains in plain and simple language how and why the hair cutting techniques you see on dvd's or are shown by an instructor work.

It is by understanding the philosophy and science of hair cutting that is shown in this book, that you will know if your hair cutting technique is going to produce the desired result naturally or if you going to have to use a blow dryer or products to create the style. What makes a haircut work is when it is relating to what the hair wants to do naturally. All hair has a natural direction of growth that allows it to support its own weight, which I refer to as the weight factor of hair. This is what is meant by "body" in hair. AN EFFECT OF WEIGHT. Some stylists create it artificially by using blow drying techniques that have to be repeated each time the hair is shampooed. When you work with the weight factor of hair, a shampoo and the natural drying process will automatically recreate the style. If you want to enhance it by blow drying the hair or using a product this will be a simple process because the cut has already created the basic style. 


One simple element
The weight factor of hair is the one specific element that is not taught in Beauty and Barber Colleges and in Hair Cutting Academies. Once you can relate to hair as weight and understand exactly what is meant by the weight factor of hair you will then have the secret to being an expert hair cutter and hair stylist. Haircutting A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting consists of eleven chapters that explain it fully. Chapter: (1) Concept (2) The Philosophy (3) The Weight Factor of Hair (4) The Perimeter Layer (5) Design Lines (6) The Growth and Fall Pattern of Hair (7) The Shampoo (8) Hair Cutting Techniques (9) Texturizing (10) Selecting a Hairstyle (11) Conclusion. Man or woman, long or short hair, straight or curly – by applying the concepts and techniques explained in this book, you will have the tools you need to be an expert hair cutter and hair stylist.

Charge higher prices for your work

After reading this book, you’ll know exactly what result to expect from any given haircutting technique, and your new skills will allow you to charge higher prices for your work and build a successful business. Clients will come back again and again, and they’ll refer others to you. Your work will truly sell itself.

It’s not about technique
Haircutting  A Philosophy and Science to Precision and Texturized Haircutting goes beyond traditional haircutting teaching that simply demonstrates techniques, without explaining why those techniques work. You’ll discover the reasons for applying the techniques that haircutting academies do not teach.

Read it before you pick up the scissors
Once you’ve read this book, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing before you pick up your scissors. You’ll create hairstyles that sell themselves because they compliment your clients’ appearance and are easy to maintain.

No gimmicks
Once you understand the essential theory of haircutting you’ll have the knowledge to create all kinds of  hair styles, from conventional to avant-garde.

Find out what Vidal Sassoon knew … and more
What you’ll learn from this book was the basis of Vidal Sassoon’s ground breaking haircutting techniques. He understood the philosophy of haircutting that you’ll find in this book, but even he could not explain how and why his hair cutting techniques worked. He just knew that they did. There are many other books, DVDs, and classes available on the subject of haircutting, but none of them gives you what you’ll learn from this one easy-to-read volume.

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